Note sanitaztion issues


I’ve noticed a problem with sanitization logic used when posting notes connected to activities through the API. Spaces after an element/tag appears to get removed.

Example input:
<b>White-space</b> test
Gives the following output:

I’ve also tried with the following:

That actually works if using the “notes” endpoint to create a single note, but it doesn’t work if using the notes part when creating an activity.

What should I enter to get the following output?
White-space test

A related question - is there any documentation of what’s allowed in the note HTML?


To figure out a workaround I simply tried to create the same text through the regular Pipedrive activity editor. Surprisingly, I get the same outcome there.

I find no way to get the following example outcome:
White-space test

It’s the same issue for any kind of formatting.


Hi @torsdagshjaelte,

Yes, this is currently a bug that we’re working to resolve. Seems it is tied to a PHP update, but we’re still investigating. Should hopefully have fixed before too long.


Sounds good, thank you.