Note sanitaztion issues

I’ve noticed a problem with sanitization logic used when posting notes connected to activities through the API. Spaces after an element/tag appears to get removed.

Example input:
<b>White-space</b> test
Gives the following output:

I’ve also tried with the following:

That actually works if using the “notes” endpoint to create a single note, but it doesn’t work if using the notes part when creating an activity.

What should I enter to get the following output?
White-space test

A related question - is there any documentation of what’s allowed in the note HTML?

To figure out a workaround I simply tried to create the same text through the regular Pipedrive activity editor. Surprisingly, I get the same outcome there.

I find no way to get the following example outcome:
White-space test

It’s the same issue for any kind of formatting.

Hi @torsdagshjaelte,

Yes, this is currently a bug that we’re working to resolve. Seems it is tied to a PHP update, but we’re still investigating. Should hopefully have fixed before too long.

Sounds good, thank you.

Hi again,

Has there been any update regarding this? Are you planning to fix it?

I’m asking to understand if should work around it or expect it to be handled on your side any time soon.

Hey @torsdagshjaelte

This should have been resolved right around the time it was initially reported. Seems it came back possibly? I’ve got our team taking a look.

It’s still not working. The example result from my initial post can’t be achieved:
White-space test

Looks like changes are in deploy, I’m watching the issue and will let you know as soon as it is updated.