Notification for incoming call


i need one info, I was searching over Api and did not find a appropriate it.
Is there any Api who could do popup or some notification based on incoming call? I need to integrate something and just curious what can be done.


Pipedrive doesn’t monitor incoming calls. There are any number of things you could do if you can detect and incoming call. What are you trying to do specifically? I have something that does this to some degree.


Hello @Kurt_Jones

no, i Know it can to receive incoming calls, my gw will receive them, that I will do communication with Pipedrive. My question was is there already some app, for displaying notifications/popups in Pipedrive.
When incomming call reach my system so that I can disply it in pipedrive?

Hi Miha,

Yes, we do have apps in our Marketplace that will display popups/notifications (most of the phone solutions apps), but they make use of Chrome plugins to do this.

@David do you have something in mind? :slight_smile: I am searching and trying to found something in your marketplace.

Kixie, Aircall, and Toky are all options.

@David do not need that, I have that :slight_smile:

What i need is just present when phone rings also in pipedrive, that is why i need some popup or something for notification. This i need :slight_smile:
so, is there any appi for notifications?

No there isn’t at this time - I was referring to these apps as they make use of the Chrome Plugin, which is what you would also need to do in this case to achieve an in-app notification of a call.

Hi, there might be some confusion in the process here. What do you mean by the “phone rings in Pipedrive”?

Pipedrive doesn’t have a function to receive incoming calls. The call is received by other software and then triggers a response in Pipedrive via the API.

Is that what you mean?

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