Numeric custom fields and null values


Since Thursday, 12 August, I’ve noticed a change in the behavior of Pipedrive (and its API) regarding Numeric custom fields.

Before, we could set such fields as null.
Now it seems that when we want to set the field as null, it maps to the numeric value 0 in Pipedrive.

For example, I have deals that have numeric custom fields that are not required.
When I create such deals from the API and simply don’t serialize a numeric custom field, the field is empty/unset on the created deal (and its value is null when I get the deal from the API).
However, as soon as I set a value for the field then try to unset it by emptying the field (or even edit the deal from the API, serializing the field as null), the field is set as 0 and I can never get it back to null again.

That’s bugging me because null and 0 are semantically different (0 is a given value while null would represent the absence of information) and I believe that the change of behavior between deal creation and deal edition is a bit confusing.
Moreover, fields that used to be hidden in the collapsed deal view when they weren’t set now always appear with the value 0.

Is this change permanent? Would you consider allowing numeric integer fields to be null again?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Sylvain @regar42,

This is a mishap on our side and our developers will try to fix it as soon as possible. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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Hi Elina,

Ok, amazing, thanks a lot! :grinning:

The fix is now live :rocket:

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