Only public filters returned in API calls?

Hi, via the api (OAuth) we are pulling a list of all person filters and I’ve noticed that we have a private filter that isn’t returned in the list. The auth’d user owns this filter. If I change the filter to public it then appears in the list.

Is this expected behaviour?



Hey @Kurt,

What is the Permission level of the person who approved OAuth connection?

Hi David,



@David, weirdly the returned data using OAuth authentication appears different than if we use the static API token.

Confirmed. OAuth token doesn’t return private filters (for persons at least). Even though the Oauth’d user is Admin and also the owner of the filter.

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Works with static API key but does not work with OAuth API key!

@David, are you here?

Hey @Kurt_Jones. Sorry for the delay, I asked about it earlier, but didn’t get a response. Let me try and track down an answer again.

Thanks. I’m sort of at a point where I can’t proceed too much further until this is solved.


Hey @Kurt_Jones

So after some testing, my team couldn’t recreate the same issue through OAuth - both private & public filters were returned.

They think that it may be that the tokens you’re using for querying the filters endpoint may not actually belong to the same User.

Could you DM me the company/user ID of the api token user and an example access token (you should cut off some characters from the end to not expose the whole token)

Hi @David

Any movement on this issue?

From looking into it, a couple things:

  1. We don’t see the token you provided as having been used during the last 2 weeks. Also, if it does contain periods as you sent, then it’s actually not an access token, it’s an authorization code

  2. If you are able to get data back from /filters endpoint with an OAuth token (and it belongs to the same user as the api_token) then there cannot be any difference in the response. Auth method does not affect that.

  3. Could DM me examples of requests that you send with the api_token and with OAuth?

We might be on to something. I suspect we have not implemented Auth correctly.

I’ll check and come back to you.


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