Organization Find By Custom Field in API

I would like to find an Organization by a custom field that contains an Id from an external source to perform an edit of the organization. The lookup Id will change so the lookup needs to be parameterized enabling the Id to be passed into the search. What is the best approach to find an organization via a parameter value for a custom field in the API?


If you’re using parameters, I would actually suggest using Filter endpoints rather than a Search. If you’re looking for data entered in fields, then Search would be better for this case



I would like to look up an Organization based on the custom field for the AGLC Premise Number in the attached image. I have tried calling /organizations with the key and value for the custom field and /organizations/find with the premise number as the value and field_key as the key for the custom field.
Non of these have produced the result that I was looking to accomplish. How do I get an Organization based on the value of a custom field?


I think that I have figured out a way to do this. Let me know if this is not the optimal or correct solution. I am performing a search for my custom field and value using: The response from this call contains the Id for Organization that was matched. I am then using the Id from the search to perform an Organization get.

Hey @scooterx,

Yes, the method that you’re using is what I would say would be the best route to go for you