Pagination Params are not working as intended in the getUsers API

We are trying to use the get users api (Pipedrive API v1 Reference) but pagination is not working as intended. We’re passing the start and limit parameters but we maximum 500 results only. Any row beyond the first 500 rows is not returned. Can someone please help.

We are seeing this issue as well. This is critical for us. Please take a look at this with high priority!!

Hi Nitish and Kei,

I don’t believe we use pagination on the getUsers endpoint and I’m unable to reproduce the same issue.
Have you tried without including the start and limit parameters?

Hi David,

Thanks for getting back to us! What should we do if there are more than 500 users in the Pipedrive organization? how do we get more than 500 users back if this endpoint doesn’t support pagination?

Hi Kei,

Is it not returning all Users? There should be no limit on this endpoint. There’s only a handful of accounts that have more than 500 Users.