People response with custom fields

When I try to get the details of a people with their id by the api, i just get there name, last name, email but nothing about custom fields, there is to get person with there details and customs fields.

Hi Miguel, welcome!

You’re using the GET/persons/{id} endpoint?

You’re looking at the entire body? The custom fields won’t show at the top.

Would you be able to share the body of the response (with personal info blocked)?

Thank you for your replay, yes I found it, just that it generate a long uuid value as key, I was expecting more like string key.

if you hit the GET/persons/find endpoint I just get the basic information like email and first name, is not posible to get all the person details if is found?

Thank you for your replay! :slight_smile:

Think you just have to do 2 calls, /persons/find then use the to lookup /persons/id