Hey , earlier we used to get “id” field as an integer but now we receive it as String UUID. It is updated in the docs recently after I have raised an issue. However I wanted to say that the Pipedrive API v1 Reference and Pipedrive API v1 Reference doesn’t work as expected.
The below works are expected

The below doesnt work as expected.

Pipedrive support has asked us to include ?api_token=**** as part of the Pipedrive API v1 Reference (which is not yet mentioned in the docs ) I still dont get the response. I receive some strange HTML page as a response for this which is shown below.

Hi @Sumith_Kumar_S
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
Getting a permission set detail should be possible via API token authentication.

As you rightly pointed out, the same endpoint would not be reachable via OAuth access tokens.

Hey @Hem can you please tell how did you include the api token.******* as this doesnt seem to work, it returns a weird HTMl page which says contact pipedrive support.

Hi @Sumith_Kumar_S
It seems like you are missing api/v1 from the path. Ideally it should be something like this\*******'

Hey @Hem thankyou for the reply it is indeed working now. I also wanted to ask as earlier this endpoint used to work without the api_token why is this change introduced suddenly and there is no mention regarding this in the pipedrive docs as well right?? is there any workaround for this one?

Let me inspect this from our side @Sumith_Kumar_S. As you mentioned, having a consistent authorization strategy across resources makes sense.