Person API get with multiple ids

Hi, we are using an app extension for sending SMS.
We have an iframe. And when we are trying to send SMS to multiple clients we get a selectedIds=1,2,4

How I can get bulk person info with one API query.

You can get bulk of persons in single query using a filter_id, by first_char, since, and until. This allows you to efficiently gather a group of persons meeting the specified criteria. Using get all persons and get all persons (BETA) API. In this case, you should create a filter group with your rules for customers need to receive SMS.

However, if your list comprises specific Ids without any predefined rules, then the only option would be to retrieve the details of each person by making separate ‘Get details of a person’ calls.

See more here: Pipedrive API v1 Reference

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Hello Victor,
to avoid long queue we need to filter with the below parameters:
selectdIds=id1,id2,idn and excludedIds=id1,id2,idn
for the below endpoint

can you please check the possibility and get back