PersonFields and Multiple options

I need to get one specific option from “Multiple options” custom field.

I am able to call this endpoint{id of custom field}

and I get back all possible options of that field. Is there a way to do something like{id of custom field}/search?term={name of the field}&fields=label ? I need to retrieve ID of the specific option based on its label.

Thank you!

Hello, @Janusz_Jezowicz and welcome to the community :wave:

The GET /personFields/{id} endpoint also returns the IDs of the specific options for all multiple option custom fields. More specifically, the options object contains both the label and the id, for example:

"options": [
                "label": "High",
                "id": 19
                "label": "Low",
                "id": 20
                "label": "Medium",
                "id": 21

Let me know if you have additional questions! :slight_smile:


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