PersonFields not showing all fields

Hi there,

We are trying to retrieve the full schema for the Person table so that we can map Pipedrive fields with our own. So we are using the PersonFields to get all available fields, but the result does not contain first_name and last_name, even though those fields do exist on the Person? Is there a reason for this, or any way to get around that?

The docs suggest this:
‘To find out which data fields are available, fetch one Person and list its keys.’

But we are hoping we can get all fields along with the field type using something like a call to PersonFields.


This is a bit tricky as the fields are broken into first_name and last_name via an import (as it recognizes this distinction with a spreadsheet), but when the first_name and last_name are actually added, they are then combined into 1 single person_name field.

Because of this, there isn’t actually a way to have the names split up into separate fields via API (unless they’re broken up using custom fields).

Thanks for the quick reply!

I just added a new contact via the UI, which indeed only has a name field to be filled out. I then queried for the contact using the API and it also returns the first_name and last_name fields along with the name field. Does the name field get split up in this case?

I guess we might have to get one Person and see which fields are available that way.


Yes, I completely forgot to mention that, when using a!/Persons/get_persons_id, you will return the first_name & last_name (which is separated after the first space).

Will that work for you in this way (as it’s not a set Person_Field)?

Ok sounds good, thanks.