PhoneCycle API alert: Deals API

Hi Team,

We have received an email for the below changes.

For the GET /dealFields and GET /dealFields/{id} endpoints, the field_type associated with the “key”: “label” response object will be set instead of the current enum type.

Can you please share your views on the following points.

  1. Can you please confirm if the same changes have been also implemented on UAT environment if not then by which time it will be implemented on UAT?
  2. In email it was mentioned that from 29th March changes will be rollout gradually but apart from this can you please let us know that at which time (UTC Time) these changes will be reflected on live server?
  3. We understood that field_type will be change from Enum to set. Currently our team is parsing the response object in user defined model therefore team want to understand that for which property you are going to change the datatype or if you can share any sample which shows us that how the response object will look like after implementing the change.

It would be great if you can please have a look and share your response on the points.