Pipedrive for Intercom

Connect Pipedrive to Intercom. No code or developers required.

  • 3 Step Install or 17.35 seconds

  • Create People

  • Create Deals

  • Add Activities to Deals

  • Sync Chat Transcripts

  • Secure End to End Encryption

Find Out More @ https://www.producthunt.com/posts/pipedrive-for-intercom

About Us

Colin here from Highways. We’ve all struggled with simply connecting the tools we purchase. It’s never as easy as it seems and generally requires a developer or sophisticated tools like Zapier and Tray.io.

That’s why we built Highways. We want to set you the builders and visionaries free of the common roadblocks you face when purchasing and implementing amazing tools like Intercom.

To do this we’re building simple apps that connect tools like Pipedrive and Intercom together in just three clicks - finally unlocking the combined value of both tools.

In this first release, we let you quickly construct a highway between Pipedrive and Intercom - to give power and time back to your sales teams. With Pipedrive for Intercom, they’ll be able to:

Create People and Deals
Add Activities to Deals
Sync Chat Transcripts

All of this will now be possible from within Intercoms inbox.
Saving your team from “tab hell” and giving them back the valuable time they need to sell.

This is just the start for us and we want your feedback.
Let us know what you think or if you’d like us to build a new Highway :slight_smile:


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