Pipedrive : How to count a specific activity type and display it's count on custom field

I have created a custom activity : ‘CALL AGAIN@CX-NPC’

now, here i want to map the total count whenever this activity type is added to the deal but on the custom field on the left (CX-NPC).

Any way to map this?

How were you thinking of mapping this? It could be done via API, but it will take some work to write out the entire Call/request to achieve this. It might be a good idea to look at Webhooks to achieve this if you haven’t already.

Thanks. I followed your advice and completed via webhook.

Can I also manipulate pipeline UI look n feel. For e.g.

  1. I’d like to change background color of open deals having past 25 days to grey and so on…

Can I do it via pipe drive api or webhooks ?

Thank you.

At this time… no, but it’s on the horizon. The only way to customize UI at this point is via a Chrome plugin or something similar.

Thanks David. I had chrome extension on my mind but it’s a messy solution. Was looking something over the top of pipe drive api.

When you say it’s on the horizon, is it likely to get released soon ? Or should I not wait for it and go with dirty solution ?

We have tentative plans for the end of the year so it’s likely too far away to wait for it, but a few of our marketplace apps have already made use of a chrome extension to pretty good results.

Can you also advice me how these apps on market place provides additional functionality in pipe drive ? What Api they use?

To brief, I’m a .net developer and would like to create an useful app to contribute to pipe drive apps.

Is there any language challenge in creating app for pipe drive? Or any eligibility criteria? Please guide me.

All of the apps use the API found in our Reference page. As for the language, it’s up to you, but it might be easiest with the languages listed here: https://devcommunity.pipedrive.com/c/api/api-clients