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Hi guys!

We use a tool to manage our informational evenings. When people signup for a evening, a webhook is triggered in Zapier which we can listen to to take action in Pipedrive.

This webhook contains more then enough information to identify the customer in Pipedrive, we can do this by the customer’s e-mail address. The webhook also contains the date for which the customer signed up for.

What we want to do when the webhook is triggered (somebody signs up for an evening):

  1. Fill in the date field (visit_date) of the customers profile in Pipedrive with the date that’s in the webhook’s body.
  2. Move the customer up one step in the pipeline (they signed up for informational evening).

Now I’m clueless on how to identify the user in pipeline with the e-mail address from the body of the webhook, can anybody point me in the right direction here?

Another major question is: is Zapier the way to go for this or can I do this other ways as well such as directly with the Pipedrive API?


Hi boriskamp,

Yes, you can do this with Zapier.

You will need to create a Zap triggered by your webhook.
Add an action ‘Run javascript’ / Code by Zapier / Run Javascript. Using Javascript you could find the email address and visit_date.
Add an action to search for the customer using email in Pipedrive
Create or Amend Deal to corresponding stage
Update customer visit_date field.

Please let me know if you need any help.

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