Possible hard delete issues in deals endpoint?


My question is, even though there is a deleted field in the (deals) API response, are there actions that cause hard deletes, where the records are actually deleted and cannot be retrieved anymore?

This is my case:
At our company we were using the Stitch integration.

When making a quality check, I requested the deals data directly from the API endpoint and it returned much less rows than the rows we had integrated in our DW.
Most of the rows that were not in the API response were set (in our DW) either as deleted=true or active=false, but some of them where set as deleted=false and active=true.

These are the numbers (for our account):

Rows from API response : 2,592
Rows in DW: 8,706
Rows in DW where deleted=false and active=true: 603

So, we have 6114, a 235% rows that seems to be hard deleted

You can check the open source integration here, but it seems that it isn’t a bug in the integration.


Thanks for capturing the relevant details. I have moved this to #feedback for broader attention.