POST method does not add information into some custom fields


I’m trying to create new organizations with some data in pre-defined custom fields via the Pipedrive API using the /organizations endpoint and POST method. When the type of the custom field where I want to add some data is “Numerical”, everything works OK. But when the type of the custom field is “Single option” or “Multiple options” and at the same time the “Show in Add New dialog” is set to “No” in Settings the necessary data are not added into these custom fields. When the “Show in Add new dialog” is set to “Yes”, it works OK. When I use PUT method to update these custom fields in existing organization, again it works OK.

I think it should be possible to add the data when creating a new organization via API even if the “Show in Add new dialog” is set to “No”.

Can you please check it?

Thank you.

Hey @AlexandrK, when you’re adding to Single or Multiple Options fields, are you adding the ID of the values being added or just the plain text?
It will only work for the ID for the value.

Hi @David,

I see, I was using plain text. With IDs of the values it seems to be working as expected.

Thank you very much for your help!

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