Problem with Persons API

I’m using the Persons API and I already have a person named Michael whose organization is Google and this person is visible when i send the get request to /persons

When I use the /persons/search endpoint and set term=Michael it returns me the data of Michael

But I want to search using the organization name, So if I set term=Google it should return me the data related to Michael but it returns this

What changes should I make if I want to search using the organization name?


Hi @Aryaman_Todkar

Could you try<token>&term=Google&search_for_related_items=true

If you need to get both, Organization (Google) and Person (Michael) who belongs to that org, GET /itemSearch with search_for_related_items param should cover this case.

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Thank you for you response👍🏻
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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