Query filter api

I have been looking for an api which allow to do query filtering entity like person, organization, leads etc based on field name like name, first_name, phone or any other field available. But not able to get through exact api like I was expecting. Please let us know if any api available to achieve such kind of filtering. And I know about filtering API on pipedrive which allow us to do filtering based on predefined filter. But that api seems not suitable for our solution. And again I went through the search api which has limitation on the filtering part as well.

Welcome to the community @bidyut.kalita1 ! :slight_smile:
Can you add some details on the solution/objective you are trying to achieve? As you might have noticed, some endpoints support filtering and the search API also lets you narrow down the results.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, it might involve using more than one endpoint


What I was looking for exactly is, consider I want to search list of person who lived in a city and name start with ‘B’. and it should return all those person details as like person api and retrun data format should be same as person api

Hi @bidyut.kalita1 :slight_smile:

Filters API is a good solution for getting a list of persons who lived in a city and name starts with ‘B’.
First, you should find the id for the name and city fields by using the GET /personFields endpoint.
Then, you can use the POST /filters endpoint to add a filter with two conditions using the field ids. Here is an in-depth tutorial for creating a filter.
Lastly, you can use the newly created filter’s id in the GET /persons endpoint to get the desired persons data.