Query parameters for Get activity types API

With Get activity types API I want to filter down what I actually expect. Documentation doesn’t have any query parameters. That feature will add in near future?


Hi @Budhitha_Perera
Sounds interesting. Can you explain a bit more?
I imagine that you are looking for a way to filter the activity types that are returned? possibly by the name?

Hi @hem

Yes actually, When I call get activity types API, it’ll populate all the activity types in a particular account.
Instead of that populating all types, I want to have name wise filter. So then I can directly get the interested name object with less memory and faster by time.

Thanks @Budhitha_Perera
At the moment, we don’t have such filtering capability. However, I have taken note of this as feedback :slight_smile:
You might be interested in the concept of field selectors as it helps you specify what fields you would want to retrieve.

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