Question about webhook schema

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Happy Monday! I notice that the field owner_name is not part of the webhook response and I was wondering if there was a specific reason for that.


Hi @Pbotsaris

Which action and object you’re trying for Webhook? For example, added:deal

Hey @mykhailo,

I am referring to the updated.organization but I think added.organization would be the same.

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Hi @Pbotsaris

if there was a specific reason for that.

There is no specific reason for that. That’s the way it is done at the moment. For some objects, for example, Deal, owner_name is present, for some, like Organization, it’s not.

The responsible team is aware of such misalignment and already has it in the backlog for future updates (can’t give any ETA). For now, I would recommend using the owner’s ID to get their name.

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@mykhailo i need help


If it’s about publishing the app, I already answered here. Or if you have a question about this topic, could you specify more details.