Read Changelog Informations of persons into DB

Hi Together,

I created a link to get the changes of custom informations from customers. In the Chengelog in the interface I can see it, but I dont find all changes in the downloaded list.
All other things like notes, emails etc. I am able to see.


Customem field: empty -> 12345
12. Feb 15.46 - Christian S

Thanks, Christian

Hey Christian,

There’s no single update Endpoint for Users like it shows in the User profile. For that you would need to look individually into Persons/Organizations/Deals

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Hey David,

When I understand correctly - I have to download it for every single user. Or is there an other possibility?

Not sure I understand you completely on this. You wouldn’t need to do this per User, you can just get an overall updates - but it depends on what you’re searching for.