Refresh_token should be long-living

Hi guys,

I’m puzzled by your implementation of token refresh ( ):

  • The goal of a refresh_token is to request a new access_token when the previous access_token is (nearly) expired
  • However, it seems like you also rotate the refresh_token ánd invalidate the earlier refresh_token. (“A new refresh token will be issued in the response.”)

This is both unneeded (that’s why you have 2 tokens in OAuth instead of just 1 access_token) and very uncommon (eg. Google, Facebook, Twitter, … all have long-living refresh_tokens for good reason)

This causes Marketplace integrations to be very brittle – you only need 1 error (eg. a 500 error in your API, an error in token handling code, …) to ‘break the token chain’ and effectively require the end-user to go the approval flow again.

Can you explain the rationale behind this, or do I misinterpret something?

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Hi Kagaherk. It’s a good question.

As you said, every platform chooses a different approach. Some go even further and don’t provide a refresh token at all (GitHub, for example).

By specification, re-issuing the refresh token is optional, you can read it here section 1.5 (H).

We started reissuing the refresh tokens, but we’re keeping an eye on the response from users (like you), and there’s a chance we might change this to a single everlasting refresh_token :slight_smile:

This design just is not working.

Yesterday at 04/09/2018 at ~ 14:21 to 14:41 UTC, there was an issue with your service for 20 min. during which all token refreshes failed. Retries as soon as the service was back up were also failing, probably because the token was invalid by then or the earlier API calls failed after the refresh stage.

See also Server error in response while refreshing token

This means a large subset of our clients is now again disconnected, for the 4th time in 2 weeks. Please advise us on next steps how to deal with this mess…

Kind regards,

Sorry to hear.
I will send you a private message.

For anyone who’s reading, I’m happy to say our dev team has been working on this and refresh tokens are now persistent. This should make things easier for many… :slight_smile:

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