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Good day!

I am vishnu vardhan a web security researcher enthusiast,
I know that this is a straight forward question but does your site launches a bug bounty program or similar to that?. Do you have a security vulnerability disclosure program? Also, If I submit to you a report that contains a vulnerability on your site ( ex : XSS , RCE , CSRF, SSRF, SQLi and etc. ) , do you give a monetary reward or any reward for that ?

I am very interested in helping to make secure your software/company, and I believe that security is the most priority. To that, I will be patiently waiting for your response.

Happy to work with you,

vishnu vardhan

Hi Vishnu!

We use Hackerone for our bug bounties, so you can head there for more information:

I forgot to mention, but we will send you an invite.

Hi David,
I’m a security researcher, can u invite me on board to hunt for some bugs!
My hackerone mail:
A invite to this mail would be great! Have u great day!

Kind regards,
Arun Joseph

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Thanks Arun,

You should get an invite.

Hi there @David. Could I get an invite as well? My email is: . Thanks.

Hi @Jopa,

Yes, I’ll have our team invite you (sorry for the wait - just got back from vacation :slight_smile: )