Requesting 10 Pipedrive champions for Sales Performance Management App

Hello Everyone,

Currently we are working on an app for Pipedrive and are looking for 10 people to participate in a private BETA and run though the pre-release testing. There is a small monetary incentive for helping us, and of course there are pre-release benefits as well. You will not have to install anything, at all, whatsoever, into your Pipedrive instance. This app purely uses the api, so only a user and password is required.

For some context, this is the first MVP, that is now out of Alpha, and into Beta 2, so we do need people to be patient, and willing to provide feedback. The expected amount of time is about 10 hours max, and if you like it, you get to keep it.

About the Audience for the App - right now it is designed for your Account Execs or Account Managers, and it is easy to use.

Thanks in advance for considering, and if you are interested please reply to the topic and I will reach out to you privately.



I’m interested if there’s still a spot open.


Do you still need help?

Hey @Brian, you can actually direct message people in the community:

@David, thank you, not sure how I missed that. I think I cleaned up the posts, so I will now reply directly.

Strange, maybe you can DM me… I don’t see the same options on anyone.

You sir, are correct. :slight_smile:

You should be able to message now @Brian

Can we also get in on this beta ? Do we get to keep it ? Can you call us about the reseller program ?