Retrieve ALL files

I want to import all files (including email attachments), but when I call GET /files it returns me only some of them but not all. Is there any way to import all of them?

Hi Maksym. Have you tried increasing the limit parameter?!/Files/get_files

Yes, it is true that the GET /files does return email attachment files (you are referring to just exporting and not importing right?)
For email attachments, I’m checking if there may be another way to retrieve these via API

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Yes, sure. I’m retrieving all pages. The issue is definitely not about limit or offset.

Yeah im talking about exporting) The thing i dont understand is it actually returns SOME of email attachments, but not all of them.

So I’ve still been trying to find what files exactly are getting returned (and which aren’t).
Have you noticed any particular files (file extensions) that aren’t returned?

Upon further investigation, it should be returning everything

  • linked to org/person/deal/product
  • attached to mail message
  • file uploaded to gdrive/s3

Let me know if you have specific examples - might need to investigate on your account specifically.

@David is there a way retrieve just the newest files? I’m trying to figure out a way to save files to our google drive as they come in. It was easy to save the files manually attached to the deal. But files attached to emails are harder. So I’m thinking when the email messages count variable is changed to get the files, and filter by deal_id to identify the newest email attachment that triggered the event. Any advice is apprecicated!