Return custom fields at the "Get all offers" endpoint

As described in the link, you can specify the fields in the URL. When I type the key for a particular custom field, the values ​​are not returned. How do I solve this problem?


Hi @Wenison_Bandeira

Each custom field has a key, something like this

*you can get deal fields via GET /dealFields request, more here.

And you can use a custom field key in GET /deals like this<your token>


In other words, you need to use custom fields “key” instead of “custom fields”

Hi @mykhailo,
I performed the search for the fields using Get all deal fields, but the field I need does not appear in the list. What should I do to make the field appear?

Can you see that field in Pipedrive company settings? Settings -> Company settings -> Data fields?

Yes, the field appears in the company’s settings.!

When you hover over a field, do you see an additional menu? If yes, can you copy an API key from there?

Screenshot 2020-11-06 at 14.04.54

If yes, could you double-check if you can find this key in GET /dealFields response? If not, could you share how do you make an HTTP request, something like this<do not show it>&some params

Yes, I already located the field key on the Pipedrive platform, but when I run several fields are returned, except what I need.

As you can see, when passing the field key in the url empty arrays are returned

Hello @Wenison_Bandeira

This field, CPF2 belongs to Persons not Deals. You should be able to get it via GET /personFields.
In GET /deals you can use custom fields created for Deal (not Person).