Rpipedrive Package (new)

Hi, I would like share the package that was created to improve performance between R and pipedrive’s API.

I built a package with all instructions from pipedrive’s API, I use this package to apply business rules that the CRM doesn’t support, also for execute daily routines, for example download of bases.

I combine ‘Rpipdrive’ package with ‘plumber’ and build a REST API that interact with pipedrive, so its possible create a lot of improvements.

Bellow the link an article about how I created the package, it’s package was create in R for R, but it’s possible use this logic and base in R to create the same package for more programming languagues, I guess my next step can be Python.

For install package type in your R:



URL Package

Thank you for your attention.


Looks interesting. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile: