Scope and URL mismatch 403

Hello team
I have access_token and i am passing it in ‘Authorization: Bearer’ for searching the person with phone number.
I have try to run the api from code as well from the postman, on both the end i got this response :
[success] =>
[error] => Scope and URL mismatch
[errorCode] => 403

I my self has the sendbox account where i installed the pipedrive app and have all the access to person module as i have create a data in person module in pipedrive.
App also has all the possible permission.

I run the api on this url :!/Persons/get_persons_search with passing the api_token, it work here, what is the issue with curl and postman.

Please help,

Hi @Amit_patel

Could you send me an example of the URL for the endpoint(s) you’re trying?

Yes @David

I try following :

both gave same error, and the app have all the permisions.


Can you remove the “v1” and try again?

Hello @David

Okay, I tried with following, but same error :

Thank you


Issue solved, I was getting issue because of wrong methos"POST", the request was for GET,


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