Scope and URL mismatch

Hi there!
I have an error “Scope and URL mismatch” when I use DELETE API method /deals/1/participants/1 . Could you explain why it happens? All scopes are ON. And it work fine if I use this enpoint Error appears in case when I use oauth

Are you positive you have the ‘Administer account’ Scope enabled (the bottom one)? This should be the only one that would prevent that

Yes, Here is my settings:
By the way, I can’t find this API method here

Hmmmm, that is a very good point.
Let me do some investigating

Do you have some results of investigation? Have you find something?

Yes, results were found. It simply didn’t get added to our scopes.json originally so I’ve added a task to do this. Should be updated later today or tomorrow.

Oh, nice! Thanks a lot!

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Do you have some kind of change log where I can check if the task has been finished?

A Changelog is in implementation (but not there yet). For this issue, I’ll just update you here when it’s completed.

Ok, thank you very much!

Just want to give you a heads up that it doesn’t seem it will be completed today, but should be Monday.

Do you have some news? Is it going to be completed today? It is really blocker for our development…

Fix is deployed now so you should be all good.
Sorry for the wait!