Search for user by fieldA or fieldB

I want to search for a Person who matches either email address or phone number.

Is this possible?

The API docs are a little fuzzy on this. Pipedrive API v1 Reference

A term param is required, but it doesn’t give any detail about what the term string can or should look like. The fields param configures which fields to search, but no indication is given about how the term interacts with the fields.

Could I, for instance have the term be “foo@bar.baz OR 867-5309”, with a fields param of “email,name”.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @JWalkerPhonesoap, I don’t think you can do that. It looks like term is a simple string to look for.
If you want to look for two terms, you most likely need to do two calls.

Also, it looks like sometimes it doesn’t pickup the term inside the string, so if you’re looking for “342”, it will find “” but not “”.