Search on single customfield


Is it possible to search on a single custom field? I need all organizations where a single custom field is something. but looks like you can only search on all custom fields not a single one?

tried to do this but does not work:
https://(domain) api field id)&api_token=

Hi @Martink,
You can use /itemSearch/field

  1. First, get the key of the custom field you want to search by doing a GET request to /personFields, dealFields, etc,
  2. Use that key in field_key on a request to itemSearch/field and with return_item_ids set to true (+ the other required params)

Hope that helps :+1:

Hmm yes that works, why is this not possible on the organizations/search endpoint.

I think for now it is easier to create a filter and use that, not the nicest method. in my opinion, would be nice if you can easy search on the index with temporary filter.