Server error in response while refreshing token

Our Pipedrive app have a lot of customer, But few are facing problem, when we try to refresh their token using a timed system we get this in our logs →

“message”:“Server error”

We got this error around 4 PM UTC 4 Sept '18.

Please note - This happened for few customer not all of them, For all it’s working fine & it happened in a burst, It will not make sense that all of them have deleted/removed their account at a same time.

Looking forward for a correct reason.

Hi @Aditya_Tomar

We unfortunately had an intermittent issue with one of our databases that caused this issue.
It started (as you’ve stated) at approximately 3:07PM UTC and was resolved and was resolved at around 4:50PM.

I apologize for the disruption and we’ll try and keep everyone updated via our Twitter for any future disruptions.