Setting expected close date

Hi! I’m looking for a way to set the expected close date for a deal using the API, but am unable to find the right endpoint. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Hey @johandelfs,

It would be under the POST /deals endpoint, with stage_id you would add
“expected_close_date”: “YEAR-MONTH-DAY”

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greetings @David,

your solution is working only when creating a new deal, right?
how to update an existing deal and set the expected close date?
thanks, thomas

to answer my own question - in the meantime, i found it also working with put!


Glad I could help :joy:

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@David btw, do you already have an idea when the next developer webinar will take a place? i submitted a bunch of questions - some acutally vanished by reading the docs ,-)
but there are still some left… :wink:

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Will try for a webinar next week. Still figuring out some specifics though :crossed_fingers:

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