Settings labels to persons

Hi all,

I just want to apply a label to a specific person using the API. In the documentation I only found how to add new person fields but not how to apply them to persons.

I appreciate your help.

Hi Manuel,

You should be able to add them similar to how you add Custom Field data, you just need to search the GET/personFields and find the ID attached to ‘label’ and update a person like you would a Custom Field

Hey David,
Some problem here!!

But the Put Person do not receive any custom fields, or I’m missing something?!/Persons/put_persons_id


Hi @Thiago_Amorim,

While the Reference page only shows default fields (as testing/examples), you should still be able to update custom fields here within the request.

Can you help me with labels? I’m not a true developer - all my integration is through Integromat. I would love to be able to update the Person Label - but it seems that the Person Label is not a field that is available? If it is, can you point out to me how it would be updated? I did a “Get all Person Fields” and it wasn’t included.

Hi @hvy_weight,
I’m not familiar with how Integromat exactly works but maybe this guide about working with labels can help you out.

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