Simple "add to contacts" app, not sure if it should be public or private (or unlisted?)

I’m trying to create a simple app with which when someone clicks a button on our website, it adds a specific contact to their Pipedrive contacts (with their full consent, after they’ve connected their account with OAuth of course). This is something I’ve already successfully done with Hubspot and the procedure seems to be very similar with Pipedrive according to the documentation.
What I don’t understand is what type of app this is supposed to be. This is such a simple app, I’m not sure the word “app” is appropriate. I understand that it probably needs to be Public, as it needs to work for anyone with a Pipedrive account, but I don’t want it to appear on the marketplace. It’s not public public, it’s only meant to be used with our website. As a matter of fact, my working Hubspot app is public, but unlisted.
I tried with a Private app at first, but the “share app” link with the /authorize endpoint only works with my own sandbox account. I get “App is not found” on a second sandbox account I created. This needs to work on any account.
I also tried with a Public app, but got the same message on the second account, “App is not found”. I’m guessing it’s because it’s still in draft, as I don’t want to publish it to the marketplace.
I found about an “Unlisted” status during my searches, is it still available?

Hello again,
I’ve continued working on this and I now have a prototype which works with my account. I still need to set this app in such a way that it will be usable for any Pipedrive account. I saw that after an app has been reviewed, it goes into an “Unpublished” state. As I still don’t want this app to appear on the marketplace, will the Unpublished status allow it to be used by all Pipedrive accounts?

Hi @thyme1152
Unlisted apps will not appear in the public marketplace but can still be accessed by the direct URL. Feel free to raise a new topic if the issue still persists :slight_smile: