To restore pipedrive to a specific point in time

It is not provided the function to restore pipedrive to a specific point in time at this time.

Do you think it is possible to completely restore pipedrive to a point in time by the following steps below .

1.Retrieving and saving all object data with the PipedriveAPI.(like Skyvia product)
2.The permanent deletions from pipedrive engineer side.
3.Inserting the data of all objects with PipedriveAPI.(like Skyvia product)

Please let me know if anyone have tried it.

Hi @Atsu
Welcome to the developer community :wave:
Since this is more of a product-based ask, I would recommend getting in touch with Pipedrive support. It also depends on the scope of objects being recovered. You have webhooks and flow endpoints to listen to changes. The REST APIs can be used to perform update / create operations accordingly.

Feel free to share the scenario though!