Trigger display of existing deal in browser via API call?

Is it possible to cause an existing deal to be displayed in a users browser based on an API call ? Salesforce allows an incoming call to trigger a customer record to be displayed based on caller-id, I was wondering if pipedrive supports a similar concept ?

Thanks in advance.

In theory, it should certainly be possible, but is going to require a lot from the otherside to display the information grabbed from the initial call.
Do you have some plan in action atm or just conceptual?

Hello David,

Thanks for your response. I am working on integrating your system with a hosted PBX that we operate for a prospective client.

Currently, when an active call completes I am successfully able to use the callers CallerID as a search key in the node client SearchResults.field () function to obtain return_item_ids which are then used to get Deals associated with this CallerId.

for (var i = 0; i < return_item_ids.length; i++) {

pipedrive.Deals.get(return_item_ids[i].id, function(err, deal) {
    if (err) throw err;
    //console.log(deal.value + deal.organization);
    console.log('Org Id.: ' + deal.org_id + ', person_id: ' + deal.person_id);

I am then able to use:-

deal_id: return_item_ids[i].id,
subject: "Call from: " + phone_number,
due_time: timestampUTC(),
done: 1,
type: “call”

to update the appropriate Deal with an Activity.

Basically I can currently get the Deals associated with the CallerId via the API (I have complete details of the call information in my node client when the call starts) but am not sure what API calls I can use to “pop open” the Deal on the browser.

Since you’re using node, you can just call
open("{deal_id}") using JS

Thanks David,

open() using the deal_id works, thats exactly what I needed.