Unable to Add Deal


We just noticed that our API call to add a deal is throwing an error:

{“success”:false,“error”:“Internal Server Error occurred. Pipedrive staff was notified about this.”}

I also see in the that I have a “cancelled_flag: true” status when checking the auth details and shows that the cancel date was 6/1/2018. I’m not sure why. I can still read data but it seems I can no longer do posts requests.

Any insights would be much appreciated.


Hi @Paolo_Lacuesta

Are you still running into this same error? I did some testing, but not sure what might be causing. May need some more info.

Hi David,

Thanks for checking in. I tried to add some deals today under our car insurance company and qas able to do so. Though i woud greatly appreciate if you could look into why I encpuntered the issue last Saturday. I am not sure if I reached some quotas or what not. What’s weird was that I was able to read data but wasn’t able to write.

Thanks and looking forward for your response.



I am facing the same issue while create a new deal and close an existing deal thru .net (C#) code. Error message - “Internal Server Error occurred. Pipedrive staff was notified about this.”.
Even create and update of Person as well.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


I use .Net with c# and it is working fine for me.

I suspect it must be how you are doing the calls, unless it’s an issue on just one of their servers.

Thanks for your quick respond.

Same here.I use C# as well with a windows service connected to my backend. Its working fine since yesterday, no deployment happened for couple of days.
So it could be an server issue. Any suggestion to point to other server on Pipedrive end. or any advise. Because our business is halt right now.

Sorry, if you are still getting this error.

  1. Try doing it via https://developers.pipedrive.com/docs/api/v1/ to see if it gets the same error. If it does, then it’s a server issue. if it doesn’t, then it’s your code.

  2. Try using Postman. It’s a really good tool. https://www.getpostman.com/

You may want to post on a new topic rather than this old one too.

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