Unable to create user


I have recently created a sandbox account and I’m trying to create a user, but it says that I don’t have permissions to do so. I’m an admin user of the account.

Did I need to do some configuration before add a user?


Hi Lucas,

For Sandbox accounts, you add Users from Settings>User Management from the bottom left of the screen. Please refer to the email that was sent to you when the sandbox was created as it is described in this email.

Hi, I have read the e-mail when I post.

I found the page that you mentioned in e-mail but when I try to add more users the button is disabled and a message appears saying “To add more seats, please contact your reseller”. The account just have one user, that is me.

Besides that when I try to change a company, two companies of sandbox have been created.

Tanks you for your time,


Sorry about that Lucas, you should be able to add Users now.

No problem. Was something it something that i need to do to allow users creation?

Thank you.