Unicode cuts off text


We are seeing some requests coming from our site with text missing.
Upon inspecting the problem, we noticed people using Unicode Emoticons (common on Mobile) had it removed.

I tried to edit a text field on a deal to have the text:
“Hi there 🙆🏻 my fellow Pipedrivers.
I would like to buy your product.”

resulting in the text "Hi there "
(I can see in the networks tab that the whole text is posted, so not filtered in frontend)

I get why you would not support all kinds of weird smileys, but cutting off the rest of the text is a problem.

We could filter it out before posting to the API, but I can’t imagine we are the only ones with this problem.

Unfortunately this is a bug, but we are working on it.

That happens, but thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Keep me posted if you get an ETA of fix.

Any news about this one?

Is this still a problem?
Our code now strips all these, so we won’t notice if it has been fixed.
But we would rather not remove them, if Pipedrive supports it.

I just tried, and it looks like we’re still cutting the text. I would keep filtering everything for now :slight_smile:

@dani, thanks for trying so I didn’t have to :slight_smile:

Hopefully this will be fixed in 2019 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Are you really? It’s been 4 months now.

It is in the list, but it’s probably not on top… :frowning: If you need emojis urgently, have you considered encoding and decoding them on your end? If you don’t need emojis also on Pipedrive’s UI, it could be a temporary fix.

That’s fine, but they said they were working on it. I just want to know for how long we need to do workarounds for a bug in the system.


Merry Monday :partying_face:

So 214 days has gone by and the problem is still there.

We are getting more and more incoming posts from third parties, and telling each one to filter out unicode is nearly impossible. Most of them use plugins (like gravity-forms-to-pipedrive CRM for Wordpress) that doesn’t support the workaround.

If you don’t intend to fix this problem, that’s fine and we will develop a more permanent solution. But we don’t want to spend that much time and effort on a temporary fix.

So which is it?

Ya’ll have a nice day :smile:

We’ve been lurking on this topic too for a few months. Eager to see a fix in place. We use SMS services as fluidly and humanly as possibly which means conversations can encourage emoji’s from our customers. ALL content that exists in a message after an emoji is dropped forever and our sales does not get the full intent or picture of each conversation. If more voices are needed to help push this up the priority list please add mine.


@bezar Thanks, was starting to feel all alone with this problem :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Can you check to see if this is still occurring for you now? (sorry for the long wait)

Hi @David

Just tried to put in a text field on a deal in it still cut of the text.
So I’m guessing it’s also a problem through the API.

It was a very old deal though, so perhaps you didn’t convert them all?

Please disregard, this was for the Notes (Fields are still affected).

Happy 1 year birthday! :birthday: (a bit late though).

I’m still getting reports on this, so could you please just close this if you’re not going to fix it?

I meant that as a joke :stuck_out_tongue: