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The failure was absolute, especially with the Berlin of the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz, who shelved Nord Stream 2 – as Washington demanded – and led to a genuine military involution, also applauded by the Greens. Beijing aspired to relaunch the Sino-European investment agreement approved in extremis in 2020 and pending ratification. China’s plans point in another direction. A good example is the agreement reached with Paris.

With the Elysee still very hurt by the US move with Australia, which forced the cancellation of a multimillion-dollar contract for the purchase of submarines, China agreed, for example, to formalize an alliance for the shared management of several infrastructure projects in third countries by value of 1.7 trillion dollars. This is a big step in the constructive direction with Europe that Email Lists Database China is so interested in. to usa ,obsessed with the hegemonic struggle, he is not so interested. Clashing now for a supposed Western renaissance against China and Russia, putting both countries in the same boat, only contributes to encouraging antagonistic bloc dynamics and reviving outdated cold wars. The EU should mobilize to prevent it. In this framework, for China today, relations with the US and Europe are more important than those that unite it with Russia.

The accounting preference, which is an inescapable strategic requirement, is overwhelming. Between 2015 and 2020, Chinese investment in Russia outside of hydrocarbons fell from almost 3 billion dollars to just 500 million. At the same time, and despite a serious decline due to the approval of laws aimed at curbing it, in Europe it continues to approach 10,000 million euros, that is, 20 times more. With the US , where Chinese companies invested $38 billion in 2020, the difference is even more substantial. If we look at trade, China’s indisputable strong point, the differences show, beyond appearances, an irresistible Chinese attraction to the US market.