Unlisted app for customers - best practices

Hello dev community! I had a few questions about best practices for making an integration with Pipedrive that my company’s paying customers will use. Here are some details on our use case:

  1. Our Paid customers with our website will be able to see the Pipedrive integration on our website and click to authenticate the app, which will take them through Pipedrive’s OAuth process.

  2. Data from our website will flow to the user’s Pipedrive account. In particular it will sync as custom fields on organizations and people objects.

  3. This will be available only to our paying customers and thus will not be listed on Pipedrive marketplace.

  4. These customers will belong to many different companies and thus this is not strictly an internal application

My questions are the following:

Do I need to submit this application for approval if I do not plan on listing it in Pipedrive’s marketplace?

Will our data sync in accounts belonging to other companies even though the API endpoints are through our domain, ?

Does this application scale to use for possibly a thousand paying customers?

Thank you for your time!

Hi @Justin_Daniel great to hear about the plans of building the integration. In order to have an app that is available to use by users within different Pipedrive accounts your app needs to be either a public app or an unlisted one. You can find more details about the processes for approval and app creation for different types of apps here. There aren’t any differences for scaling the app when it is an unlisted app, it’d become a problem if it would be a private app (in Marketplace Manager the app’s status would be “draft”).

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