Update person's field not executing and returning a reponse code of 404

I am using this method to update a person’s field : (link: https://developers.pipedrive.com/docs/api/v1/#!/PersonFields/put_personFields_id) developers.pipedrive.com/docs/api/v1/#!…. I am testing the endpoint using the field_id (LinkedIn field id for a particular person) followed by name of the field but the endpoint always returns with a 404 error and this body:

Does it work if you test directly from the API reference page?

Are you sure you’re using the PUT method?

I tried it directly from ‘test endpoint’ on the reference page but it is not working. Actually on ‘Update person’s field’ there is no place for adding the value of the field.
For eg: If there is one field named ‘linkedin URL’ and having a field key : ‘5ea65675ea876786786b123cd132f’. While testing the endpoint I will enter the field-id in the ‘id’ input, name of the field in the ‘name’ input and I don’t know where do I need to add the value for that particular person’s field, like where(in which field) the URL(‘https://www.linkedin.com/in/jbdbwhbdhd’) should be added

Can you post a snippet of your code? (Remember to hide your API token / access tokens)

And if you contact GET /personFields you receive a custom field with id 9070?

So there are three parameters:
person id, field id and field value

The API only takes two parameters - id and name. Its not very clear what the name of the field is. Is that the field id?