Update the name of personField

Hi, I get a 404 not found when I try to update the name of a person in postman.

Not sure what to do. I have the correct API key and person ID.

Hi @Sebastiaan_van_der_Plaat
Can you share the CURL request / screenshot of the API call? I am assuming that you are using the https://developers.pipedrive.com/docs/api/v1/Persons#getPersonUpdates API

Hi @Hem ,

No that’s not the one I’m using. I’m using this one: Pipedrive API v1 Reference

I want to update a Person field in Pipedrive.

This is my Error:

Cannot PUT /personFields/1

If you can share with me a JSON example of what to send to the API, then I think I’ll be able to manage it.

Hi @Sebastiaan_van_der_Plaat
We have an example documented in our postman collection here → Postman

Let me know if it helps?