Upgrading api function


According to documentation Pipedrive API v1 Reference
It is not possible to get some deals by certain id numbers

if we need for example some 500 of 100k deals at the pipedrive portal we should make 500 requests for reading deal by deal with function Pipedrive API v1 Reference

or we should read ALL deals with function Pipedrive API v1 Reference
and if there more than 100k deals it does not efficient

Is it possible to upgrade the ‘Get all deals’ function by adding an array of deals id as parameter to fetch only some certain deals?

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Is it possible for you to add a custom field, and set a particular value to that field for the specific deals? Or some other way to group/filter the deals you want exported?

Get all deals with filter_id works well if your deals data can be organized like that.

Hello, Paulie

Thank you for the answer.

Filter might solve this certain task, but it more like workaround than system solution.
In addition, the filter will be visible in the client interface

It will be great if api would support batch add/read/update/delete opperations on entities for public applications

What capacity of filter function? how many items can be used in conditions?

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