Use case Sync Pipedrive contacts with Hubspot contacts

Hello! We have a Partner that is trying to convince a client that Pipedrive CRM is way better than Hubspot CRM. Client wants to keep using Hubspot Marketing for all marketing automation.

2 demands to add Pipedrive to his stack:

  1. When Hubspot lead turns into status SQL, create deal, organization & contact in Pipedrive - 1 is no problem, I’ll do this with Zapier.
  2. Sync Pipedrive contacts with Hubspot contacts, so if data changes in one of both systems, it should update the other - can be done with Zapier but high risk of loops in the sync and high usage of tasks which will be quickly too expensive.

Anyone knows use cases that worked well?

The partner found this add-on but he finds it very low rated.

Thanks in advance.