USER INTERFACE ACTIONS (Add prospect, Add to cadence and Remove from cadence)


Looks like not all the pipedrive users are able to see these UI actions in their deal and persons page for instance try [Removed], it is a free trial account and the UI actions are not appearing in the side bar section. Many users have complained to us about this that they are not able to find these options. Could you please get this resolved as soon as possible because we are encouraging our users to use UI action instead of CRM plugin.

Sneha Singh

Hi Sneha,

Please note that:

  1. These actions won’t be available for all Users, but only those Users who have your app installed via the Pipedrive Marketplace
  2. This is currently a silent launch so it’s only available to some users while we do initial testing and not to everyone who has the app installed. If you would like a particular user to have these options, please reach out to us and let us know who you would like this added to.

PS - As this is a public forum, could you please remove the user email address you shared and not include any others in the future. Thanks!