Visibility groups via billing subscriptions addons - Unknown method


I’m trying to retrieve billing plan information for a given company so that I give the correct visibility group options when doing things like Add a person.

I’m getting the following 404 response when hitting this endpoint:

GET v1/billing/subscriptions/addons

    "status": false,
    "error": "Unknown method ."

I’ve tried using both as well as <domain> but no luck.


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Thanks for letting us know! We have notified our team of this issue and are on it. We’re still working on fixing the option, but you should be able to make the request using <domain> now. Could you try it out and report back to us?

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Hi there,

Thanks for the prompt reply - yes we are able to hit the <domain> and we receive the following

  "success": true,
  "data": [],
  "additional_data": null

Are we to interpret an empty data array as account being free and therefore only having options 1 and 3 for visibility group?

Or is there a better way of getting the type of plan a company is in?


Glad to hear that you are able to use the endpoint! The empty data array indicates that you do not have any active add-ons (e.g. Leadbooster) with your subscription. Unfortunately, we currently do not have an endpoint for getting the type of plan a company is on. I’ll make sure to let our team know of your feedback!

In the meantime, we suggest subscribing to our Changelog to be notified of our API updates.

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