1 pipedrive, 2 woodpecker accounts?

Hi! Quick question: Can you connect one pipedrive instance to two separate woodpecker-accounts, or would that cause some kind of interference?

Reason I am asking is, that we have an external provider doing woodpecker-services for us, but we would like to use woodpecker on our own for a certain range of contacts and hence have setup our own woodpecker account.

Now, before I mess with this setup, I would like to know, if anyone knows about any problems, when connecting 2 woodpecker instances to 1 pipedrive account via api-key.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @Darksheer

A Pipedrive user can’t install the same app twice in one company.

If you need to connect an app to the same Pipedrive company twice, did you consider using different users within one company?